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What Does it Mean When a Phone is Pre-owned?

You’ve most likely seen the term ‘pre-owned’ being thrown around as of late, but what exactly does it mean? 

Generally, the notion of something being ‘pre-owned’ means that the product was purchased by someone else and used. These products are often reappropriated by retailers for resale purposes through trade-ins, sale for cash, or an upgrade. However, when it comes to mobile devices (and tech in general), the ‘pre-owned’ tag often also suggests that a product is more of a ‘certified’ trade-in or purchase — hinting at a certain expectation of quality with the pre-owned item.

Pre-owned devices, such as iPhones, were previously owned by a caring consumer

This means that most pre-owned devices, such as iPhones, were previously owned by a caring consumer and often well taken care of. This is what differentiates it from a purely ‘second-hand’ item that you’d find on classified marketplaces, which could have damage or defects. Of course, finding this type of quality pre-owned good is dependent on where you’re buying from. Hence the importance of shopping with reputable pre-owned retailers, such as Mobitronics.

Mobitronics sells a variety of pre-owned smartphones and mobile devices, which are purchased from caring owners who were looking to upgrade or make money on their now-unused device. Not only does this help the tech-recycling and sustainability of the industry, but it also guarantees buyers a more affordable and high-quality product, thanks to Mobitronic’s vetting process and device quality assessment.

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