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We all use our smartphones and wearable devices for communication, entertainment, and information, but there are some industries that can truly benefit beyond the normal functions.

One of which is healthcare, where the wellness and medical industry is adopting wearable technology as a way in which to monitor patients and provide updates remotely.

Are Apple Watches good for nurses?

A popular choice amongst current nurses and healthcare specialists is Apple’s Watch wearable, as it not only provides you with a smart wearable companion to your iOS devices but is also a great body function and health tracker.

The Apple Watch features a pretty robust health-tracking feature, which keeps tabs on sleep, blood oxygen levels, daily activity, and other health metrics — things that are obviously crucial when monitoring patients. The newest Apple Watch series (Series 8 and Ultra) can even detect an impact, such as a car crash or fall, which can help immediately and automatically contact emergency services if triggered.

All of these features, along with the ability to customise the device to remind patients about medication routines, washing hands, or other daily updates, makes the Apple Watch a great device for nurses.

If you are a nurse or work in healthcare, investing in a smartwatch is a very smart idea. That’s because the smartwatch compacts and organises all your favourite apps, music, fitness goals, and daily goals. Mobitronics stocks Apple devices, including both new and refurbished Apple Watch, which can provide you with the product you need, at a reasonable price.

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